Mission Statement

Community archaeology is easy to define - archaeology by the people for the people. It is empowered by the reality that within a locality there will be many people interested and excited by the material evidence for the past which lies beneath their streets, houses, gardens, workplaces and is scattered across fields and woods. Although fascinated by the discoveries of professional archaeologists, these people want passionately to be directly involved in the actual process of discovery themselves and in the research and imaginative reconstruction that flows from these discoveries.


This website is dedicated to an attempt to realise such ambitions, to give local people whatever their age, skill level, family and work obligations, the chance to participate in real archaeology. This involves not just practical investigations - excavation, surveying, field walking and so on - but also doing detailed recording, identifying finds, developing specialist knowledge, and carrying out documentary investigations. Most enjoyable of all, it involves working in a team to define research objectives in the first place, offer interpretations of findings and disseminate these to a wider audience through displays, workshops and a variety of publications.












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