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Stall at History Fair in Alexander Centre - February 3rd

Faversham’s Glory Days Exhibition (Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre Gallery) - March 2nd - April 2nd

Heritage Fair in the Alexander Centre - March 3rd

Easter season - March 31st - April 15th

Early Summer Season - May 26th - June 3rd

Stall at Artists in the Woods (to be confirmed) - June 10th

Summer Season - July 7th - 22nd

Stall at Nautical Festival (to be confirmed) - July 22nd

Post Ex Processing - July 30th - August 10th (dates to be confirmed)

Stall at Food Festival (to be confirmed) - Early autumn

Evaluation and Planning Meeting - November 21st

Christmas Meal - December 14th




Heritage Fair in Alexander Centre - March 4th

Easter season (including survey of Stonebridge allotments) - April 14th - May 1st

Early Summer Season - May 26th - June 3rd

Stall at Artist in the Wood Event - June 18th

Main Summer Season - July 15th - 30th

Post-ex Activities - August 8th - 19th

Jacobs Yard Dig - September 11th - 15th

Stall at Faversham Food Festival - September 16th

Post-ex for Jacobs Yard - October 10th

Evaluation & Planning Meeting - November 1st

Pat Reid talk to the Allotments group at purifier building - December 8th






Oare Gunpowder Works Site Clearance - February 14th

Pre-season Meeting - March 16th (Wednesday) at the Fleur 7:30pm

Easter season - March 25th (Friday) - April 8th (Friday) - Wednesdays off

Induction Day - March 26th (Saturday)

Sondes Estate Visit - April 1st (Saturday)

Oare Gunpowder Works - June 9th - 13th (Thursday - Monday)

Artist in the Wood Event - June 12th (Sunday)

Main Summer Season - July 16th (Saturday) - July 31st (Sunday)






Preston Walk - April 6th (Monday)

St Catherines Tombstone Recording - April 11th & 12th

Easter season - March 28th (Saturday) - April 12th (Sunday)

A Lecture on The Story of Faversham Creek in 10 Objects - May 21st

Early Summer Season - May 23rd - May 31st - (Tuesdays off)

Magna Carta Festival - July 13th & 14th

Tulip Tree Fete - July 14th at St Catherines Vicarage

Main Summer Season - July 25th - August 9th (Wednesdays off)

Post-ex Activities - August 13th & 14th, 17th - 21st, 24th - 26th

FSARG New Members Evening - August 14th at the Fleur

End of Season BBQ - August 23rd (Sunday)

Report Writing - October - November

Evaluation & Planning Meeting - December 2nd

Christmas Party - December 11th (Friday)

Christmas Party at Faversham Club - December 18th (Friday)





Easter season - April 12th (Saturday) - April 27th (Sunday) - Day off Thursdays

Early Summer Season - May 24th - June 1st (Wednesdays off)

Main Summer Season - July 19th - August 3rd (Wednesdays off)

Post-ex Activities - August 5th (Tuesday) - August 10th (Sunday)

End of Season BBQ - August 3rd (Sunday)

Preston Public Meeting - November 12th (Wednesday)

Evaluation & Planning Meeting - November 27th (Thursday)

Report Writing Deadline - December 5th (Friday)

Christmas Party at Faversham Club - December 6th (Saturday)

FSARG Christmas Party - December 20th (Saturday)





Easter Season - April 6th (Saturday) - April 21st (Sunday)

Induction Day - April 7th 9:30 - 12:30 (Sunday)

Prehistoric Faversham Session - April 13th (Saturday)

Documentation and Systems Review - April 14th (Sunday)

Davington Cricket Club Evening - April

Early Summer Season - May 25th (Saturday) - June 2nd (Sunday)

Main Summer Season - July 13th (Saturday) - July 28th (Sunday)

Faversham Heritage Weekend - July 19th (Friday) - July 21st (Sunday)

Post Excavation - August 5th (Monday) - August 16th (Friday)

End Of Season BBQ - August 23rd (Friday)

FSARG Weekend Away - September

Roman Faversham Session - October 6th (Sunday)

Evaluation & Planning Meeting - November 28th (Thursday)





Post-ex work - January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th (Sundays)

Report deadline - February 29th (Wednesday)

GIS training session - Ges Moody March 18th (Sunday)

Planning meeting for the Easter and summer seasons - March 28th

Easter season - April 6th (Friday) - April 22nd (Sunday)

Induction Training - April 14th (Saturday)

Early Summer Season - June 2nd (Saturday) - June 10th (Sunday)

Main Summer Season - July 7th (Saturday) - July 22nd (Sunday)

CBA Festival of Archaeology Open Day - July 14th or 21st (Saturday)

Post -ex activities - August 13th (Monday) - August 17th (Friday), August 20th (Monday) - August 24th (Friday)

End of season BBQ - September 7th (Friday)

Faversham Carnival - October 13th (Saturday)

Evaluation and planning meeting for 2012 - November 27th (Tuesday)

Christmas events - December 21st




Induction training for new members - April 17th (Sun)

FSARG Easter Season - April 18th (Mon) - May 2nd (Mon) (Wednesdays off)

Early Summer Season - May 28th (Sat) - June 5th (Sun) (Wednesdays off)

FSARG Main Summer Season - July 16th (Sat) - June 31st (Sun) (Wednesdays off)






OA61 Post-ex -  January - March

Easter Field Season Preparation - April 1st

Easter Field Season - April 2nd - 18th

Induction Training for New Members - May 29th

Early Summer Field Season - May 29th - June 6th

Main Summer Field Season - July 17th - August 1st

Main Post Excavation - August 9th - 27th

Davington Conference - October 2nd or 9th (TBC)

Faversham Carnival - October 16th

Evaluation and 2011 Planning Meeting - November 25th  Read the report

Deadline for keyhole reports - December 3rd

FSARG Christmas meal - December 3rd

FSARG Christmas party - December 11th




Easter Season - Saturday 11th April to Sunday 26th April

Early summer season - Saturday 23rd May to Sunday 31st May

Main summer season - 18th July to Sunday 2nd August (with a reserve third week)

PPL Study Day at Lenham Community Centre - Saturday 3rd October

Faversham Carnival - Saturday 17th October

Field Walking - Sunday 18th October

Field Walking - (reserve date) Saturday 24th October

WEA AGM lecture - Ospringe before the Romans. Friday 30th October - Pat Reid

Report Writers to collect materials - Monday 2nd November

Review of Ospringe Flints - Tuesday 10th November

FSARG Evaluation & Planning Meeting - Tuesday 24th November

Deadline for Keyhole Reports - Monday 30th November

The Davington Mysteries - Thursday 3rd December

FSARG Christmas Party - Saturday 12th December





Main Post-Ex - Tuesday 19th - Thursday 21st August. Tuesday 26th - Friday 29th

Pottery Dating & Grouping - Tuesday 2nd - Wednesday 3rd September

End of Season BBQ - Friday 5th September

Completion of Post-Ex - End of October - November

Hunt the Saxons Publication Preparation - 15th September - 2nd November

Ospringe Field Walking - November 2008

Report Writers Session - Tuesday 4th November

Ospringe Findings Presentation & Display - Wednesday 26th November

Worked Flint Identification and Dating Workshop - Wednesday 19th November

Review and Planning Meeting - Wednesday 3rd December

Christmas Party - Saturday 13th December






SMR Training Meeting - February 27th

SMR Session - March 26th

Hunt The Saxons Evaluation Meeting - March 27th  Read the Report

Pre-Summer Season Activities (Surveying & Archive) - April 10th-22nd

AGM Lecture on the Results of Hunt The Saxons Phase I - April 25th

Open planning meeting for the 2007 Summer Season - May 2nd

Finds Processing for TP17A - Early June

Calendars to go out to Members - Early June

New Members Induction Saturday June 23rd

Medieval Fayre & Archaeological Road Show - Sunday June 24th

Return of Calendars - Friday June 29th

Members Drop-in and Browse Day - Wednesday July 11th

2007 Excavation Season - Saturday July 14th - Sunday August 5th

Secret Gardens / Open Day - Saturday July 28th - Sunday July 29th

Post Excavation Work - Monday August 13th - Friday August 31st

Hidden Treasures Exhibition - Sunday August 19th

Hands-on History Week - Wednesday August 22nd - Tuesday August 28th

End of Season Party - Friday September 7th



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