Our Skills

At the launch


At the launch date in 2005, there were a number of volunteers that brought specific skills to the group. These included:


  • Archaeology - From our leader Dr Pat Reid
  • Health & Safety / first aid
  • Some excavation experience with other archaeological units (1 member - other than our leader)
  • Some archaeological training (1 member - other than our leader)
  • Computer experience (Microsoft Office Suite and Website creation)
  • Metal Detecting (2 members)



Where we are now


Since then, many members have found a specific area of interest within the wide range of activities and hence gained knowledge and experience to become experts in their own right. Our skills base has expanded and now includes:


  • Archaeology - research using a wide range of resources (including desktop, map regression, aerial photography) , excavation techniques, recording, finds processing, conservation, report writing, publication
  • Health & Safety / first aid
  • Excavation experience with other archaeological units (many members have been invited to participate in professional digs)
  • Archaeological training (the team have received training in specific areas by experts in their field)
  • Computer experience (Microsoft Office Suite and Website creation plus specialised software packages)
  • Geo-resistivity
  • Metal Detecting
  • Pottery identification
  • Animal bones
  • Clay tobacco pipes
  • Metallurgy
  • Glass
  • Small Finds identification
  • Brick and tile
  • Surveying


Through the development of our skills and experience our group has become a well respected organisation. Through volunteering with FSARG, a number of members have been able to acquire positions within the archaeology field having gained valuable experience.



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